Maine Coast Vineyards
Falmouth, Maine

Our friends help us on the vineyard and
we would like you to appreciate them as much as we do.

You can’t come to a climate like Maine’s, with little, if any, modern grape-growing history, and grow grapes and create a winery without lots and lots of very good friends and contractors who help you succeed. We owe enormous debts of gratitude to many people and so here is a link to some of them with our personal endorsement of their quality and good spirit in all that they do.



Norm Bergeron

ABC Electric

You need a commercial electrician, go no further. He gets it, gets it done, gets it done right, and is funny to boot.



Patrick Amoroso

M&R Electric

Another electrician? Yup, both residential and commercial work, and also a “jack of all trades” kind of person. Wicked good guy, really practical, no-nonsense with a great sense of humor.



Terri St. Angelo

Strategic Designs Inc.

Do you need a web site designed and are afraid that you will get lost in “techno speak” and huge charges for stuff you don’t understand? Go no further. Terri speaks fluent, straight English and doesn’t get you caught up in a hyperspace world you don’t need or understand. She is a great person to work with who can make your ideas into reality.


Steve St. Angelo

Anderson Watkins Insurance

Let’s be honest, nobody really likes to buy insurance. What a pain. But you need it. And you don’t need to buy it from someone who doesn’t take care of the stuff they are supposed to take care of and are always trying to “up-sell” you into some policy you don’t need. Just go see Steve. We put him through the ringer on insurance issues over the last number of years and he handles it with grace, humor and on time. Best in the industry.



Doug Shores

Wilshore Farm

Most of what we got from Doug was practical farming advice and assistance (like welding, plowing, general dirt-kicking conversations about “stuff”) but he also makes the MOST amazing compost he nicknamed “Black Gold”. Wow, get a load. It is produced from his cows that are basically fed on the hay he grows by spreading manure on his fields. It is killer stuff.

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